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The ECRDA has established five community-owned and operated forestry projects aimed at driving sustainable and commercially-viable forestry plantations.

The Eastern Cape as the only province with the potential for forestry expansion. The areas with the most potential for further development are the Alfred Nzo and OR Tambo district municipalities and to a lesser extent, the Joe Gqabi and Amathole districts. There is a potential for 100 000 hectares of new afforestation and a further 130 000 hectares for the rehabilitation of existing plantation areas.

Potential afforestation

100,000 hectares

Potential rehabilitation

130,000 hectares

The forestry development programme involves various value addition and beneficiation activities which result in the manufacturing of products such as sawn timber, pulp, paper, poles, mining timber, matches, charcoal and cellulose-based products. Specific species of trees are planted, harvested, and replanted in sustainable rotation. This ensures that there are trees at various stages of growth and maturity, ready to harvest for generations to come.


The ECRDA currently supports five forestry projects in the province which have 4,360 hectares under production. The trees planted in these areas are site specific eucalyptus species such as E.dunnii, E. nitens, E. macathurii seedlings and Grandis/Europhyla hybrid cloned cuttings. At this stage, the projects only sell timber to commercial markets. Sappi and PG Bison are the main customers of these forestry projects. A portion of timber produced by these communities can be sold to the highest bidder.

Sinawo (Joe Gqabi District)

1,850ha planted
3,000ha potential

Izinini (Joe Gqabi District)

550ha planted
850ha potential

Mkambathi (OR Tambo District)

850ha planted
1,950ha potential

Sixhotyeni (OR Tambo District)

410ha planted
1,250ha potential

Gqukunqa (Alfred Nzo District)

410ha planted
1,250ha potential


Get in touch with us if you would like to participate in this programme or if you are looking to explore possible collaboration and investment opportunities for these projects.

Head Office

3-33 Phillip Frame Road,
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Head Office

3-33 Phillip Frame Road,
Waverley Office Park,
2nd Floor, Chiselhurst,
East London, 5201

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