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Feb 21, 2023

More than 1,000 farmers including 10 shearing sheds received “on-farm greening” training in
2021/22 to ensure they are compliant with the International Wool and Mohair standards
(RWS & RMS).

In 2021/22 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was concluded between the Eastern
Cape Rural Development Agency (ECRDA), the Elundini Local Municipality and Fulirex in
August 2021. In 2021/22, the ECRDA was also involved in assisting the first four emerging
mohair farmers in South Africa to receive their international on-farm greening Responsible
Mohair Standard Certificates. This enabled these farmers to achieve premium prices for their
product at the mohair auctions.

“The MoU concluded that the Elundini Local Municipality and the ECRDA would provide
professional assistance and technical support services for the wool and mohair industry to
“green” and improve production to meet emerging international sustainability standards. The
intended beneficiaries of the MoU are the members of the Mount Fletcher Farmers
Association and the communal farmers in the Elundini municipal area.

At the end of 2020/21, the ECRDA conducted a study for the planning and design of the
Elundini Wool Hub (warehouse and processing/manufacturing facility). An amount of R687,
010.00 was spent on the study. The final report was presented in April 2021. This report
provides valuable information for the future planning and costing of the complete wool and
mohair value chain,” says ECRDA chief executive officer Simon Qobo.

Qobo says the “on-farm greening” training included modules in Natural Resources
Management, Animal Production Systems, Household Practices and Socio- Economic

The Elundini farmers visited the Blue Crane Mohair and Wool Warehouse in April 2021 in
Somerset East. Twelve people, which included eight farmers and four officials, formed part
of the delegation from the Elundini municipality as well as five officers from the ECRDA.
The Blue Crane Wool and Mohair Warehouse runs a very successful warehouse where
farmers deliver and sell their wool and mohair. The objective of the visit was to evaluate if a
similar warehouse setup is feasible in the Mount Fletcher region.
Fulirex was also appointed to do “on farm greening” at the Elundini region. Training was
conducted with farmers on Management Practises, Infrastructure Requirements and
Environmental Requirements.

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