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The Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency (ECRDA) is a schedule 3C entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

It was established as a result of two public entities, namely, the Eastern Cape Rural Finance Corporation (ECRFC) and ASGISA – Eastern Cape (PTY) LTD. ECRDA has a dedicated focus on formulating, promoting, and ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive integrated rural development strategy for the Eastern Cape.


Uqoqosho Iwamaphadle oluzinzileyo, oluquka uwonke-wonke (An inclusive and sustainable rural economy)


“Connecting abanegalelo to catalyse the prosperity of the rural Eastern Cape”

Values and Guiding principles


We will be transparent in all our dealings and promote inclusive and accountable participation by all stakeholders.


We will strive for creativity and innovation. Through innovation we enhance our ability to mainstream appropriate technologies that
benefit the poor and rural communities.

Commitment to empowerment

We will be transparent in all our dealings and promote inclusive and accountable participation by all stakeholders.


We will strive for the highest organisational achievement in all aspects of service delivery in our mandate of rural development.

Honesty & Integrity

We will strive to remain consistent, trustworthy and demonstrate respect and commitment in our intentions by setting an example of true professionalism and ethical propriety in all our dealings.


We will demonstrate our commitment to the value of Ubuntu through our interaction with the community and adopting a mind-set of shared humanity.

Legislative mandate

The white paper for agrarian transformation in the eastern cape confirms the vision for rural development that is articulated in the national integrated sustainable rural development strategy (isrds) namely: “sustainable growth and development for improved quality of life”. This vision is elaborated as follows, “to attain socially cohesive and stable communities with viable institutions, sustainable economies and universal access to social amenities, able to attract skilled and knowledgeable people, equipped to contribute to their own and the nation’s growth and development.”

Policy mandate

Section 3 of the Eastern Cape Rural Finance Corporation Amendment Act 2012, provides the legislative mandate of the ECRDA which is the following objectives and powers. The objectives of the corporation are to promote, support and facilitate rural development in the Province.


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Sign up for updates on ECRDA news and offers

About Us

Vision and mission of the ECRDA

Guiding Principles

The values that underpin the
vision and mission of ECRDA


ECRDA’s policy and legislative mandates

Organisational Structure

The leadership structure of

Board of Directors

Board charged with guiding the ECRDA’s overall plans


The leadership team that ensure execution of the boards plans


Farmers are supported so that they can effectively compete in the global market place.

Cannabis and Hemp

Promoting the growth and development of the cannabis and hemp industry.

Forestry Development

A strong community focus.

Marine Tilapia Industry

Development of a thriving marine tilapia industry.

Wool and Mohair

Developing competitiveness of small-scale farmers.

Rural Finance

Finance that stimulates vibrant rural economic activity.